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Web Tips

Mostly a collection of my tweets that relate to HTML/CSS/JS/etc design and webhosting.

Damn IE and all its bugs. Stupid thing can’t do position:relative inside of overflow:(scroll|auto).

Re IE position:relative + overflow:auto bug - this can be solved by making sure the container has position:relative set also. How bizzare…

IE really doesn’t support position:relative. If you ever use position:relative, make sure that the parent element has it also!

If you use Mootools (JS), don’t do “new ClassName(null,param2,…);” - firstParam=null is bad! Had to read the source code to find that out!

On the web, 60,000 milliseconds is an eternity.

Couldn’t get Google Maps (AJAX) API to run on my S60v3 phone, but Yahoo! maps AJAX API does! SWEET!

Reading about webkit, it really has konquered (it’s based on KHTML) the mobile market: http://tinyurl.com/36scd9

Prevent SVN managed code being served through apache:

<DirectoryMatch "\.svn">
Order allow,deny
Deny from all

Apache telling you “no space left on device,” but there is plenty? Here’s the solution - its all to do with semaphores: http://tinyurl.com/2sklme