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Linux Tips

Mostly an unorganized directory of my tweets to help linux users/remind myself of stuff:

  • Change cron email destination (linux/ubuntu): http://tinyurl.com/28s8yu
  • I can now sync my Nokia 6120 Classic (S60 3rd Edition) with Linux (Ubuntu Gutsy/Evolution mail) - the key is in upgrading OpenSync to v0.22.
  • YEY! I fixed the Compiz+NVIDIA = broken video/mythtv issue! You just UNINSTALL the nvidia packages from ubuntu and THEN (re)install the NVIDIA ones instead. :)
  • Gutsy suspend/logout screen pause bug. Fix is to add “gnome-power-manager” to your session startup. http://tinyurl.com/yu92c7
  • Garbled video fix for ubuntu Gutsy/Nvidia pink/green issue - downgrade from nvidia-glx-new to nvidia-glx - thanks http://tinyurl.com/2e36ax
  • MySQL trying to resolve IP addresses with no hostnames-lots of “Unauthenticated user”s. Fix: –skip-name-resolve, or add IPs to /etc/hosts.
  • MythTV: if you want to play back .iso’s of DVDs then add a new file type “iso” and set the player to “Internal” (capital I). Brilliant! :)
  • I recommend NOT buying an Icy Dock 5-in-3 SATA cage.Was hard to install&my computer is *miles* louder now+resonates.Pretty lights though…
  • Downloading and installing NX (nomachine.com) onto BrainBakery.com’s new Flexiscale.com instance. VNC? Pah! NX is up to 1000x faster!
  • Cool commandline app: “buffer” - useful with, e.g., tar and netcat. Tells you how much has been transferred and the speed. Also, buffers! :D