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Married Life…

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… is great! For those of you who don’t know, I got married last month (and then spent 2 weeks on honeymoon in Athens!) - it was fantastic, though very very hot. During the trip we kept a moblog - which you can view here (little point repeating the content on this blog!). We’ve now moved into our new flat, unpacked, got a kitten, Artemis Gillam (seen here curled up next to my keyboard), and FINALLY have internet again, and now are both back to work. Yay. ;)

Hopefully soon we’ll have our new TV (a 42” LG 42LG6000 LCD 1080p TV, John Lewis are currently price-matching it for us with Currys (£749 -> £699.99)) which I am sure will be the subject of many blog posts in the future whilst I try and build the perfect HTPC for it (running MythTV of course!) and pimp it out with compiz, allow controlling of it from a Wiimote, and all that jazz. Sounds like fun! Hopefully I can get a little more hardcore in my hacking of the OS (as it doesn’t have to be stable in the short term, unlike my work PC) - and this is also the perfect opportunity for me to brush up on my python skills, rather than doing everything in PHP! (When you know one language so well, its hard not to neglect all the others, even if they are technically better in many ways…)

Whilst we’re on the subject of the TV - though I have not received it yet, there is one thing I was surprised to find when I went and viewed it - the TV, when on it’s stand, is *very* wobbly. A gentle touch of the finger is enough to move it up and down (though not rotate it on it’s stand) - and it wobbles for a good few seconds before coming back to stationary. Compared to other similarly sized TVs of other brands it is very noticeable - however it does not seem to be about to topple over, even when you are a little more vigorous with it, so I suppose it is nothing to worry too much about… The kitten should not be able to do it too much damage!