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John Lewis Just Snail Mailed Me…

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New chart for video resolution template.

… And told me I can have the TV (LG 42LG6000) at just £699.98 - to match the price at Currys - saving me £49.02 (towards the HTPC ;) )! WHY DIDN’T THEY PHONE ME?! I could have ordered it yesterday (when I phoned them…) and had it 24 hours earlier!

I phoned them, confirmed the sale and paid over the phone, and its being delivered in about a weeks time!

I’M SO EXCITED! AHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAAA (manic laughter… if you need a better impression, ask Jem).

NEW TV! If only I had some stuff to make use of it on - we don’t have anything High Definition at the moment… And I’m not sure we’re gunna get some for a while… Oh well, the screens the important thing, finally I can enjoy the beauty of Wii over component video cable (rather than SCART rubbish), and have an insanely large computer monitor! I wonder if I have the spare parts around to make a makeshift low-powered media PC. We really need a desk to put it on.