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Blog Friends Update

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Sorry I haven’t written a post for ages! I thought I had better keep you up to date with Blog Friends - we have (finally!) released version 1 beta ( Blog Friends v1 Beta), which is (according to subversion) revision 816 of Blog Friends! We have had a lot of positive feedback on the new release, but also a lot of confusion over the new features and the perceived “lack of control” (you can find lots of the options, such as how many posts to put in each section of your profile box, on the settings page). After reading all of the comments from our users we found that a common complaint was that of finding “strangers” in their Facebook profile boxes. We quickly made some simple changes to get these strangers out, and are currently working on doing a much improved profile box, incorporating a lot of the ideas we have gained from users feedback. You can see a preview of this new profile box here, and we would appreciate your comments on it - we read every piece of Blog Friends feedback we can get our hands on!

On a finishing note, you can read a great post by Allan Cockerill on Blog Friends and the Blog Friends Blog here. It is worth noting that we intend to use the Blog Friends Blog as a place to keep our users updated with changes, and also a place for feedback, so if you have opinions on the posts there, please tell us through the comments! (Even if someone has already said what you were going to say, there is no harm reiterating it!)