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12 Years Together!

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Today marks the 12th anniversary of Jem and I being a couple. We met when we were 13 on a Scout camp site near Southampton and immediately became pen-pals. We wrote each other frequently, meeting up when we could, and soon fell in love. That love, despite being the painfully intense all-encompassing love of teenagers, has matured, strengthened and grown over time. We’ve now been married for over 3 years and our son Xander is 16 months old.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my wife for everything. Her constant loving support helps me in every aspect of my life from fatherhood to business to helping me deal with my health problems. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.

❤ Thank You, Jem ❤

You’re the most wonderful woman I know - beautiful, funny, clever, loving, honest, understanding and a fantastic wife and mother. Every day I feel grateful to have you in my life and I truly hope I make you feel loved and appreciated. Together we make a brilliant team - the future never scares me, because I know whatever happens you’ll be there, by my side.

To me, you are perfect; I love you now, always and forever.