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New Year: Get Fit With GymFu!

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PushupFu Demo

I had intended to get fit (and thin) before my wedding last August, however that never happened. And before I knew it it was Christmas, with all that loverly food. I’m not stupid enough to try and diet over the Christmas period! Instead, I thought, what else is the New Year for if not improving ones health?

My business partner Jof and myself had been working on a fitness app for the iPhone, PushupFu, for a couple of months and we finally uploaded it to Apple on 23rd December. In a very generous gesture from Apple, the app was released on 1st January (or 31st December, depending where you live!) - a full week earlier than we were expecting. I find that the app definitely motivates me to do pushups when users challenge me, plus I also intend to complete the training course (should be done by May) - when I can do 100 pushups I will really feel fit! (Currently I’m still only able to do single figures, but I have only just started!)

So, if you feel you need to get a bit more toned this year, why not give it a go by visiting http://www.GymFu.com/ ? At time of writing we have 5 reviews in the App Store, all are 5 stars, so give it a go! Check out our other reviews below: