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MythWeb Aspect Ratio

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The MythTV menu (default blue theme)

It has bothered me a little for a while that the MythWeb (part of the fantastic MythTV package for Linux) aspect ratio is hard-coded to 4:3. Most of the TV that I watch (received over Freeview (DVB-T) in the UK) is in 16:9 “Aspect ratio (image)”), so watching it back on 4:3 is a bit of a pain. Thus I was motivated to change the hard coding to 16:9. The process is quite simple:

  1. Modify line 102 of mythweb/modules/stream/handler.pl - change “3/4” to “9/16”.
  2. Modify lines 35 and 37 of mythweb/modules/mythweb/tmpl/default/set_flvplayer.php - change “3/4” to “9/16” and “4:3” to “16:9” respectively.
  3. Modify line 505 of mythweb/modules/tv/tmpl/default/detail.php - change “3/4” to “9/16”.
  4. Optional: I also added to the end of line 165 of mythweb/modules/stream/handler.pl (which detailed the ${width}x$height) - adding .' -aspect '.shell_escape("16:9") (make sure you get the fullstop at the beginning!), though I am not sure if this modification is necessary or even beneficial!

There is a minor bug now where the player does not show the control bar at the bottom properly initially, but a click on the preview picture solves this.

I’m currently working on modifications to stream the video in 3gp format to my mobile (a Nokia 6120 Classic), however this seems a lot harder as I have to implement a RTSP server, and have to re-encode all jobs in advance (by using a MythTV User Job) which is not quite what I am after. There is a page about it in the MythTV wiki. I wonder if I can find a cunning way around it…

If this helps you, please let me know in the comments!