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Yes, that is right - I have graduated!

I graduated on Monday, but have been sooooooo busy working on the facebook application: Blog Friends that I have not had time to post!

It was a great experience seeing all my friends go up and graduate (and myself of course), though I found it nerve wracking at the start of the ceremony as I had not had time to fully read the graduation website telling me what I should be doing - and to make matters worse, I was seated right at the bottom corner of the students seating area (there was a larger seating area for family & friends) - nearer than any student to the centre of the graduation hall! This made me think that it was likely that I would be first, and I was worried I would do something wrong, what with not having anyone to follow! Fortunately, the people at the very back of the hall were the first to graduate so I did not have to lead whilst knowing nothing of what I was meant to be doing!

The queues to get photos of me in graduation gear were pretty long, but after queuing for 30 minutes or so, we went to the party where there was enough food for everyone to have a whole meal! (I was expecting just nibbles and champagne!) I ate well and enjoyed their desserts whilst talking to my fellow students and some lecturers. It was a good evening. By the time I got home I was exhausted, so just curled up on the sofa with Jem and watched a horror movie :-).

Chapter 3 - Life

I think that graduation marked the end of a chapter of my life - Education. It seems so long ago that I started infant school (in fact I barely remember it at all - just the recurring dream of myself being able to fly like a leaf… but let’s not go into that… [it seemed so real!]) - and it is amazing to think that I have been being educated formally for more than the last three quarters of my life! Thats partly why I thought, upon graduating:

Today, I am an adult

It is worth noting that although I have finished education, I have not finished learning (as many people love to point out, over and over again…). Nope, I will be learning new things every day of my life! That is especially true with my job - where staying up with the forefront of internet technology is extremely important!

Anyway I have lots left to do by this weekend, so I had best get back to work! I will try and start posting more frequently, starting in a couple of weeks or so… Have fun, all!