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That’s right! It’s Uni results day! I’m sure you are all on the edge of your seat, so I shall put you out of your misery swiftly!

I got a first!

And a strong one at that: I averaged 83.2%! To see my individual results, see my main site, but basically my highest grade last semester was 90% and my lowest 62 (second lowest 82…). I also got the

“School Applied Prize”

That means I got the highest grade this year in applied mathematics at Southampton University!

Out of the 112 people on the mathematics board, I was one of 7 to get a prize! Quite an honour. Here are the prizes, with the other winner’s names smudged out to protect their privacy:


And here is my line on the results page:


That’s Benjamin Gillam, course: Mathematics with Physics (BSc), grade: First, and a prize.

Rumour has it the prize is £50, which would be nice! :-)

I’m very happy with my grade, though I was aiming for 85%. Still, best grade in applied mathematics is pretty good!

I have enjoyed my stay at Uni, but now I really want to get into doing some really cool new technologies for Brain Bakery Ltd, and fortunately, that is what I will be doing!