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Facebook Applications - Feeds and SMS

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I wrote two facebook applications yesterday. Yes, you heard me - two, yesterday. Admittedly I did work for 12 hours almost solid yesterday.

One is an application that lists new posts on blog feeds that you are interested in, and the other allows you to SMS your facebook page to tell your mates “I’m down the pub, why don’t you join me?” They are both, obviously, in their infancy, and the SMS one took me another days coding a few weeks ago (by day, I mean 10-12 hours…) to get SMSs sent to my phone to hook up to my computer well… but it works very well now, tested it last night!

So… watch this space. When they get a little more professional I will consider releasing them. Before then, I need a new phone that I can dedicate to the purpose, or a Nokia usb data cable for my 3310.